It is the policy of South Shore Select to announce out-of-town tournaments at the beginning of the season or as far in advance as is possible. It is the responsibility of the manager, or designated person in charge of the trip, to gather information regarding all expenses such as airline fares, hotel room rates, van rental, coaching expenses, etc.  These expenses are divided by the number of players attending the tournament.
Occasionally emergencies arise and players are not able to attend a scheduled tournament.  When this happens, we try our best to replace those players with others who will then assume the responsibility of the expenses. When a player pulls out at the last minute, it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to find a replacement.  Further, as we approach the departure date, flight costs have increased and the costs are now beyond some player’s ability to pay.  This will not only hurt the team’s numbers but will also put more financial burden on the rest of the players who are going.  Therefore, players who cancel within a month prior to the travel date will be held responsible for the above mentioned expenses.

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